Fully Dynamic Website - £399

For medium and large-scale businesses, a fully equipped dynamic website with an easy-to-use control panel is essential. All business sectors appreciate it because of its advanced and current functionality. Every business need features such as online booking, payment, mobile friendliness, 100+ language support, and website traffic tracking.

Five Pages Mini Website - £199

Professionally created 5-page mobile-friendly mini-website with support for 100+ languages is the best website for medium and small businesses to receive online bookings, quotations, and payments, as well as reveal services, goods, and projects in an artistic and appealing manner. Integration using Google Integration for traffic monitoring.

Single Page Website - £99

According to Google, 80 percent of website traffic is generated via mobile, thus a one-page layout website saves time by avoiding going from one page to the next, and all of the information is impressively presented on a single page. Because customers can browse quickly on their mobile devices, this website is very economical and excellent for small enterprises that only need an online presence.

Online Conditional Booking System

Dry cleaners and beauty salons are the most common users of an online conditional booking system. The customer can choose a certain day and time, with one copy going to the consumer and the other to the service provider.

Online Secure Payment Gateway

With our online secure payment terminal system, customers may effortlessly process payments online, over the phone, or by mail. For e-commerce transactions, an online payment gateway is used.

100% Mobile Friendly Layout

A 100 percent mobile-friendly design means that your website’s information, images, texts, and links are effortlessly accessible across all devices, especially on Smartphones’ significantly smaller screens.

100+ Languages Support

An intuitive website hosting control panel makes it simple to handle your files, domains, databases, email, and more from one convenient location. You will be able to modify, create, and delete anything on your website.



Our company has a lot of expertise building dynamic websites for dry cleaners. For the convenience of our customers, we have integrated an Online Booking and Secure Payment System into our website. We create mobile apps for all main platforms, including iOS and Android, so they can be used on mobile phones as well. In addition, we market the company in those specific areas on all major social media sites, using individualized photos to entice customers.



We’ve designed a slew of dynamic Beauty Salon websites with eye-catching visuals. The organization has integrated an Online Appointment Booking and Secure Payment System onto their website, allowing patients to book treatments from anywhere. We create mobile apps for all major platforms, including iOS and Android, to make your business accessible to your customers on their phones. Our firm additionally promotes it on social media, using customized visuals in specific places.



The firm has extensive expertise developing websites for Real Estate firms that include a Property Ad Posting system for letting and renting properties. We also create mobile apps for all major platforms, such as Android and iOS, so that consumers can easily publish property ads from their phones. Our firm posts property adverts on all of the major social media sites in order to attract online potential buyers in certain areas.



We are very skilled in designing a website for a construction company with spectacular effects in the Showcase Gallery, displaying their work portfolio, based on our years of experience. Our company creates a mobile app so that users can choose a service from the convenience of their phones. Along with all of this, we create and sell their work on social media platforms to attract online buyers in certain areas.

Recently Developed Websites

Our UK-based company, Webist Limited, has always focused on assisting small businesses. Over the years, our UK office has developed tremendously. Webist Limited is a firm committed to providing the best business solutions possible. Webist is well-known in London for its high-quality web development services. Dynamic website design, CMS-based website development, E-commerce online shop creation, domain name registration, web hosting, and digital marketing are just a few of the services we provide. Our primary goal is to maintain high quality standards in all of our projects, whether they be in design, hosting, consulting, programming, or any other solution that meets our customers’ demands and specifications. Web Design Solutions’ success can be credited to the way we work with our clients, with a roster of 300+ pleased clients and rising. From individualised on-site consultations at our office to a post-project meeting at your workplace to assure your 100% happiness with your new website, we’ve got you covered.

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